Hey there x

I know right.

It’s been awhile.

I still cannot believe the fact that I’d taken such a long break from blogging but I am really glad that I can actually still remember the password to log in my WordPress mehehehe.

I’ve been doing pretty well. I’m currently a senior recruiter in certain company for more than 2 years. I am also studying Korean for 3 years and working on freelance translations sometimes hence that kind of explains my long hiatus with hectic schedule all the time.

Until I’ve decided to make a change for 2016. Can’t wait for that day when I am able to make a move for my new adventure. What about you?



I’m Back!

And I miss Katisnotdeluna here 😦

It’s terrifying to see I still have plenty of unpublished drafts so here’s an idea..

Imma slowly publish my drafts one by one but I will definitely fabricate the dates all the way back from February LOL. It’s too bad that I have OCD including blogging dates so I don’t really want to publish all my 20+ overseas posts in August 2013. That’s the pariah consequence of taking a break from blogging for 6 months, le sigh. So do not be surprised if you suddenly found a blog post dated 30 February 2013 today. My OCD makes me do this.

Gosh, now that I’ve mentioned, I’ve actually been away for half a year.

Does anybody even miss my blog?


Aus.Some.Ness 1.0

Australia is awesomeness. No question. I AM MISSING THE AUS.SOME.NESS ALREADY.

To be completely honest, I never thought of travelling in Australia because I had always been a typical Asian so I only liked countries with rice and noodles wtf. Until one day, my childhood friend, Vicky suggested that I should pay her a visit in Melbourne before she is moving back to Malaysia. Since it had always been very difficult for us to meet each other, I agreed to spend my holidays there so that we could hang out together, in addition to the fact that Vicky could bring me around to explore more about Australia! 🙂

Sadly after I booked my flight tickets with Haro, Vix told me that she had to come back to Malaysia in December due to personal affairs T_T wuwuwu. But it was crazily sweet of her! When we were both in Malaysia before I was flying off, she actually planned the itinerary for me until late night, and she even passed me her house keys in Melbourne! What have I done to deserve such a wonderful friend like her??? Thank you Vicky Chan Wei Qi ♥♥♥


All ready for night flight to Melbourne @ Singapore Changi Airport!

Hosier # 1

Airport fashion of the day! Korean varsity jacket x Isabel Marant sneakers. And yes, Starbucks coffee cup is one of the must-have accessories for airport fashion besides geeky glasses lol lol.

Hosier # 2

Our super duper sweet Zhan came over to give us a hearty send-off at the airport! But isn’t it a tad confusing to see them wearing couple pants??? Mhmm guess I will have to watch out 😕

Hosier # 3

So we took Emirates to travel to Australia and overall everything was good. The flight was slightly delayed, but it didn’t affect our schedule, unlike AA incident that made me stay overnight in Incheon International Airport -.- And surprisingly every meal served on Emirates is pretty good to me 😀 I am definitely flying Emirates to Australia for the next visit. Highly recommend if you opt for a quality long-haul flight as well!

Hosier # 4

Frankenweenie that put my to sleep… Sorry Mr. Tim Burton 😳 Black and white movies could kill me easily!



Woke up to such breathtakingly beautiful scene early in the morning 

Hosier # 5

So sweet Haro let me have the window seat for every single time because I extremely love snapping photos of the view outside my window… Thank you baby! 😀

Hosier # 6

Brekkie before we touched down!

Hosier # 7

Hello Australia, x

Hosier # 8

Since we had nobody in Melbourne, we booked Jetbus in advance to go between airport and our crib at Drummond St. Embarrasingly enough, Jetbus dropped us off at 169 Drummond St (We picked this option from the list which is the nearest to our crib because we didn’t realise we could actually fill in drop off address eeeeks) then we somehow went haywire to see such beautiful house and almost broke into it wtf. We were tearfully amazed that this would be our home for next 10 days and couldn’t stop snapping photos in front of 169… until Haro recalled the correct address before the residents called the police FOL.

Now talk about sheer clumsiness T_T wuwuwu. I can’t believe we even opened the gate then took out our house keys LOL SHY SHY. In a nutshell, always fill in your pick up or drop off address accurately to save all your troubles!

Hosier # 9

As soon as we unpacked our luggage, we inevitably took a long nap as both of us weren’t feeling quite well. I was having slight fever and I needed to catch some sleep so badly since we only slept for 3 hours on the long-haul flight, It sucks big time to skip my first brunch in Melbourne as I had no appetite at all 😦

Luckily Haro brought his cup noodles along otherwise he would be even more skinnier during his vacation fhl.

Hosier # 10

Along the way to Melbourne CBD, I was pretty amazed at these magnificent buildings 😯 Besides that, I could hardly hear any king king kong kong noise from construction sites + no random perverts calling you amoi out of nowhere + worry-free roads as the drivers would never hit you but always waited for you to cross the roads patiently + etc etc + in fact I can go on and on but I don’t want to be labelled as an unpatriotic girl.  Even taking a stroll down the street instantly boosted my mood woohoohoo so I became a happy girl again!

Hosier # 11

When I saw RMIT University, i was literally screaming, “BABY, SOME OF  MY FRIENDS CAME HERE TO STUDY!” “Then?” “They graduated and balik kampung already.

I should visit Melbourne few years back… At least we wouldn’t be this lonely 😦

Hosier # 12

State Library of Victoria! Again, my eyes were exactly 😯 because this has always been the perfect picture in my mind right before I went to university, daww. I always dreamt of knowing my boyfriend from engineering faculty, then falling in love on beautiful St. Augustine grass, and eating lunch together on balcony like Japanese comics ohohohoho.

Too bad reality sucks… I can never lay my body on the grasses in KL otherwise I would get roasted under the scorching hot sun, le sigh.

Hosier # 13

Luckily nobody is wearing skirt here but I honestly think the one in light blue pants kind of spoilt the entire picture 👿

Hosier # 14

Jeng jeng jeng jeng! Here we are at Federation Square 😀 Like finally!

Before this, Haro and I were actually wandering around somewhere else not knowing how to take the public transport in Melbourne. Then we decided to ride the tram without tickets WTF because we didn’t know where to buy a ticket! HONEST MISTAKE YAH. Somehow we ended up here (which is also one of the attractions in our itinerary) as we spotted Melbourne Visitor Centre and bought our myki (a reusable smart card to travel on Melbourne’s public transport) under the assistance of friendly staff. As a useful tip, you can also buy your myki at 7-Eleven stores!

Hosier # 15

Next, Flinders Street Station, which is right opposite Federation Square! It is also the first railway station in an Australian city since 12 September 1854 😯 You can refer to Wikipedia for more info because I am very lazy to copy paste here.

Hosier # 16

A photo of sick Kat. Here’s another useful tip whilst you are travelling here, take the screenshots of the map with your iPad/Samsung Galaxy Tab/whatever and you are good to go. I personally do not like asking for brochures and maps from visitor centre as it doesn’t sound very eco-friendly, no?

Hosier # 17

Right across the busy street, you will see St. Paul’s Cathedral on your right. And yes! Spot the horse-drawn carriages? I was crazy delighted at the very moment because I’ve always been wanting a wedding ride like this!!! But come to think of it, isn’t it very cruel for the horses to endure the pain and suffering due to such obsolete practice? 😦

Eeks, now here is another dilemma in my life.

Hosier # 18

I am a horse lover since I was young! Not sure if it’s because of my zodiac sign or I simply love all the animals in this universe except for sloths wtf. I’d always wanted a unicorn like Pegasus in Sailor Moon… who knows if it will turn into Helios someday LOL.

Hosier # 19


Hosier # 20

Anyway, let’s not get carried away and back to St. Paul’s Cathedral!

Hosier # 21

It looks absolutely magnificent at any angle, no?

Hosier # 22


Hosier # 23

Hosier # 24

Guess where are we now?

Hosier # 25

If you are a fan of graffiti, I am sure this is a heaven for you – Welcome to Hosier Lane!

Hosier # 26

@ Rutledge Lane, off Hosier Lane.

Hosier # 27

I couldn’t resist to pose with amusing street art… I JUST COULDN’T.

Hosier # 28

So we found our twins in Melbourne, mehehehehe.

Hosier # 29


Hosier # 30

Happiness is time spent with you 🙂

Hosier # 31

Till we meet again 

We decided to have early dinner on that day because we were both sick thus we had to sleep early for Sydney the next morning. As we were walking in the cold weather (Yes, Melbourne is famous for its unpredictable weather and ITS SUMMER IN DECEMBER CAN BE FREAKING COLD due to strong and cold winds from south west!  Do not be deceived by my photos. I merely wanted to look pretty that’s why I took off my cardigan), something interesting caught our eyes.

Hosier # 32


Hosier # 33

Something else that attracted my attention… Why is this university covered in nasal mucus???

Hosier # 34

Last stop for the day – Tarng! We were craving for hot pot so badly hence we dealt with Korean dinner.  I would say this place is very famous of its stews and soups as I saw plenty of Koreans dining here too 😯

Hosier # 35

Waiting for my first meal 😕

Hosier # 36

And here, yummy in my belly!

The serving portion was utterly worth what we paid for but sadly I was feeling so terrible with my fever hence I couldn’t finish my food 😦 Not to forget ze boyfie is a vegetarian hence he couldn’t take meat as well T_T wuwuwu. I am going to hell for wasting the food!



We fell asleep pretty early last night so we woke up at 6am to prepare for 4D3N in Sydney! Meaning, we got ourselves out of bed at effing 3am in Malaysia LOL. But fyi, their time zone varies depending on time of the year so it could be two hours ahead of Malaysia sometimes!

Anyway, Vix who was in KL got really sweeeet and talked to me on Facetime before I left for airport omfg. Imagine this silly sweetheart stayed up until 5am just to check whether I am doing alright in Melbourne! Why am I so lucky???

Hosier # 37

Beautiful morning in Melbourne when we were on the way to airport 🙂

Hosier # 38

Stay tuned for Sydney trip!


L’amour Violet

One fine day, le sista and I woke up pretty late in the afternoon.

Then le sista suggested, “Hey, wanna do your first photoshoot?

Why not? Since my sista is no doubt a very talented photog to me 🙂


Model & Make Up : Katherine Leeky
Photographer : Reesely Kawei

@ Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills

Photoshoot # 1

Photoshoot # 2

Photoshoot # 3

Photoshoot # 4

Photoshoot # 5

And yes, I want to confess, IT IS SO HARD TO POSE IN FRONT OF STRANGERS T_T As you can see, my face looked all zombified. To make things worse, I totally forgot about my lipstick fml.

Even the rainy weather wasn’t helping out, yet I am very satisfied with the final outcome otherwise le sista will get angry wtf. But I particularly love the photos where I didn’t look at the camera because I finally look quiet for once LOL. My sista has to take all the credits. Thank you Fifi! To repay your kindness, I am so gonna be your model for next photoshoot again, no need kamsia me okay.

Hope y’all like the photos too!


Nine & Three :) x

Ever since we have been together since 2009, Haro would mail the roses to me during Valentine’s Day because it is almost impossible for us to have the luxury to celebrate this special occasion together as we are always in two different countries.

However, this year I actually told him not to buy me roses again because I always feel sad to see my roses wither and die 😦 Knowing that I might not able to get roses this year due to what I said to him, I was quite upset LOL YES I AM SUCH A TYPICAL GIRLFRIEND LIKE THIS. Thus I honestly expected for nothing this year, I swear!
Valentines # 1

Then It was the night before Valentine’s Day.

Since I am on CNY break, I have nothing much to do at home except for spring cleaning in my bedroom. Not wanting to mistake anything memorable as garbage, I carefully went through all the boxes and bags I was about to dispose of.  THEN I FOUND THIS HIDING QUIETLY IN ONE OF MY BAGS 😯

I was so lost until I got his reply, “OMG IT’S NOT VALENTINE’S DAY YET!” HA.HA.HA. How can he be so adorable?!

Apparently he left this box of surprise in my room when he came over some time ago for like, a few hours? I seriously couldn’t find out when he placed this gift in my bag but too bad 😛 But I can never forget the moment when I first opened the pink box…

He actually made me 9+3 handmade roses this year! Reading his message in the card, I was really touched to know that he never forgets all the little things I’ve ever said to him. Now my roses will never wither and die :’)

Thank you baby, I’m sure I’ll never ever get to find someone like you anymore… I am always grateful for everything you did for me and once again, thank you for showering me with all your love. Happy Valentine’s Day to both of us and cheers to many more to come!!! ( ◜◡‾)  (‾◡◝ )

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